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Real   Estate   Videos

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We are proud to launch our newly designed homepage and updated business model. Upload your own real estate videos, vacation rental videos and apartment home videos. Allow your clients to view your property without the distractions and competition found on other video sharing websites. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Upload tours and start marketing your real estate property today. We have embedded the site with YouTube videos for testing purposes but rest assured, your uploaded videos will not have any distracting content. While we are in Beta mode, videographers can enjoy free listings in our video tour pro database. How commited are we to making this a success? Call our President and CEO, Eric Dallin at (919) 732-1600 with your feedback and suggestions. You can also email Eric directly by clicking here. Thanks and enjoy!
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Residential   Listing   Videos

We provide real estate agents and videographers with a video home tour hosting and distribution platform. Residential & commercial real estate agents can upload videos or find a professional photographer to film HD home tours and listing videos. Listing videos allow viewers to see full motion video tours of your property. We can also host agent, broker, community & neighborhood tours, resort videos and hotel video tours. If it is video content specific to the Real Estate market, you can upload it here!
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Vacation   Rental   Videos

If you own or manage a vacation rental property and are not taking advantage of the video tour revolution, you are missing out. Vacation rentals with videos rent more often, and often times for more money, than properties without home video tours.
With a longer lifespan than a residential listing, you get more for your money with a vacation rental video tour. You can upload your listing video today or locate a professional real estate video tour provider here.
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Apartment   Videos

Upload your apartment complex video today to see how effectively you can fill empty units. Apartment listing videos provide a unique insight in to the lifestyle of your property. Utilizing video tours allow new residents to easily envision calling your property home. Create and upload your video tour now to begin indexing with popular search engines. Professional tour providers can capture the feel of your property or you can do it yourself. Upload your tour today and see tremendous results!
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REVIS announces the launch of the most feature-rich real estate video tour hosting platform ever.
Video Professionals: Become a video tour provider & generate revenue while operating your own production business!
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REVIS announces the launch of the International Real Estate Video Affiliate Network (IRVAN). Sign up as a provider or an agent!
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About  Real Estate Videos

As the first video tour company to provide listing videos specifically for the Real Estate industry, understands the needs of the market. For over a decade, we have been filming tours for Realtors, property managers and hoteliers. Our portfolio spans North, Central and South America as well as Europe.

Advances in technology and world-wide acceptance of online video have allowed Realtors and real estate agents to shoot their own real estate video productions. Better still, it can be done with minimal training. Affordable consumer cameras make capturing amateur real estate video tours a cost saving option. Basic software packages for video editing are included with most popular operating systems.

However, do not underestimate the value of hiring a professional. Tricky lighting, elegant homes, on-camera interviews and picky clients are best handled by a real estate video tour professional. They have the experience to make your listing video or home tour outshine the competition. can provide you with local producers in your area to help film your video home tours.

At RealEstateVideos, we have recognized the need for agents to upload both do-it-yourself video tours and professionally produced real estate video content to a central sharing location without having to deal with the distracting content found on YouTube and other sharing sites. The last thing you want to do is send a potential customer to a site that will compete with you for your customer's attention. does not contain any irrelevant content to distract your client.

Having worked in the industry for more than 10 years we also recognize the need for cost effective solutions, especially in our market. While we are in BETA mode you can enjoy the opportunity to upload listing tours, share your videos with potential clients and connect with local producers FOR FREE. So, join today and begin uploading videos. Email the links to potential buyers or rentors and even embed the videos directly on your homepage. Let us know what you think and how your experience can be improved.