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Drone Use Illegal?

July 14, 2014

Real estate agents are increasingly taking their work to the skies, using remote-controlled aircraft to film bird’s-eye-view video tours of homes, land and commercial properties. It’s a great way to interest potential buyers, agents say. The only problem: They’re flying in the face of federal regulators, who say drones are illegal for commercial purposes. Real […]

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A new dawn for real estate video

July 12, 2014

June 2013. 183 million Americans viewed more than 44 billion videos. 20 billion of them were ads created by national brands. I’d like to inspire your brand to join the movement. Inspiration I’m a regular reader of Ad Age. I rabidly consume brand blogs and marketing articles dispensing the best of what the brightest minds in my field offer. Video, […]


Real estate agents turning to video to sell homes

October 06, 2013 | By Jennifer Sheehan, Of The Morning Call Using a 4-foot jib and a cleverly designed camera dolly, Dan McKinney was hard at work at his latest shoot. The dolly, fashioned from a recycled jogging stroller and PVC pipe, allowed him to smoothly move through the location and film with ease, using his Pansonic […]

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Agent Profile Videos: Don’t Wait Until Everyone Has One

Have you read “The Digital House Hunt” marketing report by NAR and Google? I know, we all have super busy lives, so you may have skipped reading the whole thing, but it’s an interesting look at “the evolving role of digital media” in the home search process. Check out the numbers on agent-related videos.  Agent […]


Lights, Camera, Action! How and Why to Make Association Videos

Why should I make videos? How many online videos have you watched in the past month? According tocomScore, which measures online engagement and use, 85 percent of Internet users watch online videos. The fact is, video is exploding as the fastest-growing online medium. It’s a powerful tool that builds credibility, conveys information better and faster […]

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Real Estate Videos - No Distractions!
About Real Estate Videos
As the first video tour company to provide listing videos specifically for the Real Estate industry, understands the needs of the market. For over a decade, we have been filming tours for Realtors, property managers and hoteliers. Our portfolio spans North, Central and South America as well as Europe.
Advances in technology and world-wide acceptance of online video have allowed Realtors and real estate agents to shoot their own real estate video productions. Better still, it can be done with minimal training. Affordable consumer cameras make capturing amateur real estate video tours a cost saving option. Basic software packages for video editing are included with most popular operating systems.
However, do not underestimate the value of hiring a professional. Tricky lighting, elegant homes, on-camera interviews and picky clients are best handled by a real estate video tour professional. They have the experience to make your listing video or home tour outshine the competition. can provide you with local producers in your area to help film your video home tours.
At RealEstateVideos, we have recognized the need for agents to upload both do-it-yourself video tours and professionally produced real estate video content to a central sharing location without having to deal with the distracting content found on YouTube and other sharing sites. The last thing you want to do is send a potential customer to a site that will compete with you for your customer's attention. does not contain any irrelevant content to distract your client.
Having worked in the industry for more than 10 years we also recognize the need for cost effective solutions, especially in our market. While we are in BETA mode you can enjoy the opportunity to upload listing tours, share your videos with potential clients and connect with local producers FOR FREE. So, join today and begin uploading videos. Email the links to potential buyers or rentors and even embed the videos directly on your homepage. Let us know what you think and how your experience can be improved.


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